Our Birth Experience

We offer a variety of services. Check it all out below:

Essential Birth Experience

Duration: Throughout Labor and Delivery (starting at 36 weeks)

Description: The Essential Birth Support package is designed to provide you with the fundamental assistance and guidance you need during labor and delivery. This package includes:

  • Pre-Labor Consultation.
  • Continuous Virtual Support
  • Labor Guidance.
  • In-Hospital Support
  • Breathing and Relaxation Techniques
  • Birth Plan Review
  • Post-Birth Debriefing

Pampered Birth Experience

Duration: Throughout Pregnancy, Labor, and Postpartum

Description: The Pampered Birth Bundle package provides comprehensive support from pregnancy through the postpartum period. This package includes everything from the Essential Birth Support package, plus:

  • In-Person Prenatal Sessions
  • Nesting Support
  • Customized Birth Plan Development
  • Labor Comfort Measures Kit
  • In-Hospital Support
  • Postpartum Follow-up Sessions
  • Resource Guide

The Ariké Birth Experience

Duration: Tailored to Your Needs

Description: The Ariké Birth Experience package is designed for those seeking the highest level of personalized support and guidance. This package includes everything from the Pampered Birth Bundle, plus:

  • Unlimited Access
  • On-Call Availability
  • Exclusive Comfort Package
  • Partner Integration Coaching
  • Extended Postpartum Support
  • Birthing Celebration

Additional Services

Young black woman with depression crying on sofa at home


You’ve given birth, you just need a little more assistance with the anticipated “4th Trimester”, let us help you transition with your addition.

Small tiny newborn african american baby laying on the bed.

Labor and Postpartum Photography

Captures the moments. Allow you and your partner to fully indulge in the miracle of child birth. Candid photos of the birth and first moments of your newborn are captured for memories.

Black mom breastfeeding baby

Lactation Support

Needing a little more assistance with breastfeeding or curating an effective pumping schedule and storage? Have us help you accustom mom and baby

Woman is injecting hormones to belly with syringe. IVF concept close up

IVF Support

The IVF journey isn’t easy. Have a RN assist with administration of injections and emotional support.

cropped view of parents holding baby shoes at home

Perinatal Loss Support

From initial loss to rainbow pregnancy anxiety. Have a trained antenatal RN walk with you during this journey

Sibling Transition Doula

Worried about how the older sibling(s) will adapt to the newborn. Have us ease the transition for the child(ren) and parents.

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